1. 戀上外星人 - 張智霖
2. 樂天女孩- C AllStar
3. Kiss Kiss Kiss - 鄭融
4. 天馬行空 - 周國賢
5. 壯舉 - 張敬軒
6. 好不容易 - 方大同
7. 雀斑 - 盧凱彤
8. It’s a Beautiful Day - 鍾舒漫
9. 依依 - 官恩娜
10. 零時起哄 - Mr.
11. Google Me - MastaMic
12. 窮我一生 - 古巨基
13. 當冬夜漸暖 - 孫燕姿
14. 出走 - 許廷鏗
15. 無心快話 - 劉德華
16. 六月飛霜 - 陳奕迅
17. 舊男友 - 林二汶
18. 蝴蝶飛 - 葉慧婷
19. 那麼 - 蘇永康
20. 2013 - 張繼聰

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Watch Chinese movies that are available only in China from US

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If you have downloaded and installed an App for your iPad or iPhone devices that gave you an error saying that your region to view the video is not permitted. This is because you lives in the US. In other countries, like China, you can watch all those movies free. There aren't any copyright laws.

One way to get around this is to setup your device to point to a Proxy server in those countries.

To setup your iPhone to point to a Proxy server,

-Click on 'Settings'
-Click on 'General'
-Click on arrow on your wifi connection
-Scroll down to the 'HTTP Proxy' section
-Choose 'Manual' and type in a proxy address from the list below

Below are some proxy servers from China.

Now, you should be able to view the contents that were blocked.


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